Hi, and welcome to this hidden enclave within the ever-growing mythical expanse called the internet. I have been thinking about making Undergrowth for quite some time. Walking around with my headphones on, absorbing thousands of hours of music without any outlet for the thoughts that reared their heads during the process, had started to lose its once irresistible charm. What good is absorbing mountains of audio information –twisting and turning and analyzing it- if it isn’t fed back into society in a meaningful way? True, a dime-a-dozen blog on wordpress.com featuring the most baseline website design known to man might not strike you as a particularly meaningful way to contribute. Not in the short term, at least. But this site is mainly a way for me to formulate thoughts and opinions on the music I consume, and perhaps it will even provide some underground musicians with a perspective on their music they haven’t been able to find elsewhere. Needless to say, a lot of projects go unnoticed in this current wellspring of music releases, undeservedly at that.

I am still unsure about what form my writings and features will take over time. Maybe they will stay off the cuff and freeform, or maybe concepts and regular features might begin developing after a while. Anyway, I’m thankful for anyone that might stumble upon this blog and take the time to read a post or two. Who knows what might become of it.

-Your musical forager-

“From the Undergrowth”, photo by Phil McDarby